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Behind The Brand: Bonpoint

Bonpoint is a brand that is rich with emotion. You don't have to have a baby to be obsessed with Bonpoint. Having just celebrated its 40th anniversary, last year, the brand is a testament to classic French style, with each piece handcrafted in the couture atelier set in the heart of Paris. Inspiration for each collection comes from Artistic Director Christine Innamorato, who cites travel as a boundless source of discovery that helps her transpose the air du temps. This is the perfect correlation to her young customers who need items befitting their endless curiosity and unique personalities.

It seems the entire world has become more and more enchanted with this fairytale world. The designs are meticulously executed into patterns, and fittings are made on children and babies in every size to ensure movement and the perfect shape. Christine and her team work passionately on each collection in a complex grading of 17 sizes that make up the Bonpoint wardrobe.

"The constraints imposed by the development of different sizes for children makes the procedure more complex than you might think. Every Bonpoint garment goes through different phases of several fittings in order to guarantee the perfect cut. My background is in womenswear so I've always paid great attention to the fit of the garment."

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